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Don't Just Train;
Make a Change.

It All Starts With You...

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If You're Okay, They're Okay...

It all starts with you... 

Pets can do some amazing things, you see it all the time.

They can be taught these things by a world-class trainer, but can you teach them?

You can, with the right approach!

The truth we find out is that life is more about us and how we are than, the things around us.

We have to ask ourselves some serious questions sometimes... 

What are you grateful for?

How do you handle and react to stresses in your life?

Do you take time to relax each day?

Is the chaos of life taking its toll on you?

Do you live a life that you appreciate and keep true to your principles?

Our successes in life are related to our efforts and what we put into the things we value.

My programs aren't just about learning commands to teach your pet, it's more than that.

My virtual and live programs are about my students, it takes commitment and desire. You will need to be committed to being a dog owner, not a trainer. But with that, you will build trust and communication and find a new perspective on the relationship you have with your pet. You might. even find these skills will transfer to other areas of your life also. You will not only help your pet; you help yourself.

Dog training is easy, mark, queue, reward... this isn't just about learning commands it's about creating habits and bonds. Can you commit to making a change for the better? If you're ready to create a better and more fulfilling life for you and your pet, we'll focus on more real aspects of the relationship, the way we communicate; body language, energy, focus, and consistency.

By working around your life and lifestyle, we'll create achievable goals and activities, that can build from and create a foundation to take with you through life. 

If you are looking for a quick fix, or just to dominate your pet, we are not a good fit for each other.

I want to work with passionate, caring dog owners, who want to make a change for the better!

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Who I Am and What I Do

At New Fit K9, our mission is to help people and their pets build the best relationship they can possible have. This is not always the same for every person and pet. Some it may take extra efforts and unique approaches and for others it might just be about enjoying each others company. 

We start the process by focusing on the owner and their perspective. Helping them get unstuck for whatever problem they are having. 

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"People get a dog, because they want a friend. People hire a dog trainer, because they don't want their friend to be a jerk."

Chad Mackin

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1318 Fifth Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102


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